The digital arts newsletter

Inspofeed is a biweekly newsletter featuring the work of creatives who inspire me.

I've always sort of collected artists I admire as I'm perusing the webs, and Inspofeed is the medium for exorcising my bookmarks folder ;)

Inspofeed is // a curated, lightweight way to add a little visual inspiration to everybody's life.

Inspofeed is // a *short* bi-monthly email with a single image and paragraph about an artist I admire. If you want more, you can follow the links.

Inspofeed is not // basic or top 40. I only share current, relevant creatives who are making compelling work and may be a little under our radar at the moment.

Inspofeed is not // trying to take up too much of your time. Click thru if you want, or just get a little hit if visdrenaline and get back to work.


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