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What Inspofeed// looks like:

What is Inspofeed//

Inspofeed// is me answering: "What do I do with my bookmarks for all these incredible artists who inspire me?"

Inspofeed// is a curated, lightweight way to add a little visual inspiration to everybody's life.

Inspofeed// is a *short* bi-monthly email with a single image and a single paragraph about an artist I admire. If you want more, you can follow the links.

What is not Inspofeed//

Inspofeed// is not basic or played out. I only share current, relevant visual that I think moves the conversation forward.

Inspofeed// is not asking for any more time than you have at the moment. 


It's a


Inspiration is the single most important raw material for my creativity.


Without it, I can't make a damn thing. Over the last couple of years, I found the best way to cultivate a feeling of inspiration for myself was to share creative inspiration with my friends.

It felt unsatisfying to rely purely on social media, so I started Inspofeed// as a way to connect more directly. Trust me, I'll only send you a strictly curated collection of stuff I legitimately feel is important, powerful, and that I'd only show to my IRL friends and colleagues.

Holler at me with any thoughts, I read every email. And feel free to share Inspofeed// with your friends :)


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