$79.00 USD

Photoshop Creative Effects: The Overlay Brush Workflow

It's more than just a brush pack!

This 5-module video course contains my real-world creative exploration workflows that every Photoshop creative should know!

I'll show you 4 complete creative explorations so you can see exactly how I work and make choices when I'm in creative mode in Photoshop. The Overlay Brush set is included, along with layered files, a killer finishing action, and more!

What you get:

  • 5 course modules with 20 short, concise videos to learn each stage of my workflow at your own pace 
  • The Overlay Brush Pack - a set of 20 custom brushes ready to load up and go!
  • My HP Punch Photoshop Action
  • 6 layered working .psd files
  • My custom Photoshop workspace file
  • Cheat sheet .pdf for the first module

If you're familiar with my previous online courses, this one's a little different - it's all about creative exploration!

You won't see me clipping stuff out, polishing skin to perfection, or cleaning up edges here. This course is all about having fun and getting creative.

I can't wait to see what you create!

- Sef


What People Are Saying:

I enjoy watching your experimentation and creative process. It's helpful to see exploration rather than just techniques because it's essential to good retouching. I get a good sense of why you make each adjustment, not just how, which I love.


Love all the extra nuggets of info sprinkled in to fill things out, those are s-tier insights that not many other instructors talk about.


The other cool thing from a retouching viewpoint is that none of the techniques you showed required any intricate paths or layer masks – everything was done using the fastest tools (new and old). You could make several mockups within just a few minutes.